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ToLi nuo klasikos Audrutė

Žydras skonių, džiaugsmo ir nepamirštamų istorijų pripildytas namelis, Baltijos jūros pakrantėje, Melnragėje.

Restoranas Audrutė

Audrutė. It’s just how gently we call our little house.

From the very first moments of scratching my dreams and seeking the face of the house, I started talking with it.

Day by day, we all started talking with the house. We did not have conversations with the building, not quite so. We only filled each crack in the wall with viscous daub of love, which is so hard to scrape off that those with an open heart could feel the vibe.

Do not seek the ordinary concept here.

This is home. Home to wine, flavours and friends. This is a home not to rush. This is a home to enjoy, taste cocktails made by Saulė and Vygutė, and take a mouthful of the sky.

Eating the tiny tricks of our home kitchen – nothing fancy, yet all made with love and music. This is a home to laugh and hug. Kiss wherever you want and as much as you like. It is so good that sometimes we tend to forget our real home, with socks and TVs. And forgotten cats.

Come, stay for a while and be awakened from the hustle.

I have put my whole heart into this house. Not that much left for me, though, since I breathe calmer and silently wonder how all thoughts became true and how Audrutė was born in a new shape and image, yet so beautiful, mature and assured.

I wish everyone to be guided into Audrutė's stories, to live amongst them; I hope you let us take you on a journey led by our family for those few hours and experience the home we have created. Wine, flavours and friends. A home which truly is far from the classics – ToLi nuo klasikos.

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