Map of Flavours

Pack your bags, for I invite you to a world of flavours and unseen experiences. The tasting journey will start from Bread-dagascar, joyfully sliding down the palate to a peaceful Duck-strait. The vast horizons of the magnificent Butter-Rico will appear just around the corner. And what about the delicious island of Rillettes with roasting chicken. When it seems that the taste and smell can no longer surprise you, I will lead you to Kloran Island – you will be taken away.

Cake “Napoleon” is included in the package and is not sold separately. As always, we will deliver the map of flavours to the city of your choice, free of charge.

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- Homemade, light sourdough bread with seeds.

- Duck rillette of orange and fennel with orange liqueur Cointreau flavour. Slow-roasted long-roasted Barbary duck, thoroughly boned and rolled with a wooden spoon into a duck cream.

- Rabbit liver pate with freshly picked garlic, fennel seeds and dark bitter chocolate. Caramel butter.

- Asian improvisation for pate. Duck liver, corn chicken, galangal root, ginger, fenugreek. It goes so well with cherries. Smells fantastic. What a trip! I'll cover it with port jelly.

- Cherry, apricot, grainy mustard, pink peppercorns and spring onion chutney. With chilli that will, without question, tickle the palate.

- Chorizo terrine with Thuringian pork, dates and mangoes. Fantastic as a cold snack. And on a lazy day, you can pop it in the oven, throw in some potatoes and have a wonderful dinner!

- Salmon pate. Wild Icelandic salmon, lightly smoked using the lemon laurel sprigs from Cyprus. We'll spread a secret blend of our signature tonka bean and eight peppercorns, then turn it into a custard.