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ToLi nuo klasikos

ToLi nuo klasikos

Yours – To. Yours – Li.

That is what the endings of our love letters looked like—being far away (ToLi) from each other. Tomas kept saying how far I am from ordinary, far from classics, even on our way to our shared love nest. I was always aloud with my trembling combinations of flavours and colour palettes.
I could not even imagine where we would be when I began writing the simple stories of our family five years ago and sharing recipes.

Welcome to ToLi nuo klasikos!

We were creating a phenomenon, not a catering business—a bubble of family, friends, food and love. We launched with a tiny studio in the old town, with private dinners, excellent outside catering, and open tasting dine-ins.

Two years after, we introduced hedonistic journeys to Italy, where the rest of our family's hearts were kept. The project was held back due to pandemics, but we soon developed a new way to travel, even while in quarantine: taste travelling!

That is how ToLi nuo klasikos ‘Maps of Flavours’ were born, which travelled around the country! Last summer, I was startled by a dream, which brought me to the abandoned little house on the seaside. That is how ToLi nuo klasikos moved out to Melnragė and became what is now known as a home for wine, flavours and friends. We proudly named the house: Audrutė. Dream carelessly, for the dreams do not come true. We earn them by working hard!

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