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ToLi nuo klasikos Kunigiškių Pasaka

And one evening a fairy tale hit us...

I like when life goes without a plan. I appreciate the joy of creating and very often my creations travel by chance. Then all that remains is Tom's question, "Do you feel it?", and in a moment I'm drawing new colors, tastes, and shapes on the railways of my head.

ToLi nuo klasikos Pasaka will not be a clone of Audrutė. In the fairy tale, ToLi will turn from a classic into a new talkative member of our family, where I wanted to create a small port of the city of my dreams.

Small, but as fast and tasty as I found San Sebastian.

ToLi nuo klasikos Pasaka, we are waiting for you from breakfast to dinner, without reservations and with the same beloved food as in Audrutė. What we never lack is love.

You will find us Palangoje Užkanavės g. 86

Šiuo metu Pasaka Palangoje nedirba, atsidarysime vasaros sezonui. Iki pasimatymo!

More info: (8-600) 500 06

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Prieskonių dėžutei -30%

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